Expiration Dinner Date

a small gathering for courageous inquiry into death and grief

Mishe Skenderova

We all know that one way or another, all of our lives will end. Nevertheless, we live in a death-phobic society, and talking about dying can be awkward, if not terrifying. There’s a common belief that even mentioning the possibility of death will somehow curse us to an early end. I sense that our denial and misunderstanding of death and grief inhibits us from fully embracing our lives, and disconnects us from our place on the Earth. I wonder what we may be missing when we live in systems that embrace death denial, and I am curious about what happens when we choose to face and inquire into those aspects of mortality that may scare or repel us. What emerged, with the help of friends and loved ones (that's you Justin, Meghan, Joshua, and Rosa), was a gathering dedicated to exploring this topic:

Expiration Dinner Date is a semi-monthly in-person gathering over dinner. We discuss questions related to mortality, death, and grief in an open friendly communal setting. The gathering is 4-10 people and open by invitation to folks who live in the area. Contact me for details if you’re interested in joining the conversation.