On the Radio

interview on KVNF radio

Mishe Skenderova

Natural death is not a punishment, a failure of medicine, or a battle lost, and I’m interested in challenging the systems that promote these assumptions. It's not unusual for us to experience emotional distress and intense fear when we are confronted with matters of death and grief. Perhaps the initial reflex might be to shut down or move away from the topic. There is, however a lot of value in questioning and wrestling with our end of life beliefs, expectations, and fears. Considering our own eventual death is not only about preparing legal documents and telling loved ones what you want done with your remains. I believe that when we choose to open to awareness and acceptance of the cycles of living and dying before our own end is near, we orient our consciousness toward deeply meaningful intentional living.

I was thrilled to be interviewed on the topic by the fantastic Taya Jae for her Death and Dying piece on Colorado's KVNF public radio station. It was an honor to be featured among other passionate end-of-life workers in the community. Congratulations to Taya for being awarded first place in the Health Feature category by The Society for Professional Journalism for this story!

listen to the story here