“Dying well is a right and responsibility of everyone. It is a moral, political, and spiritual obligation each person owes their ancestors and their heirs."

Stephen Jenkinson

before the end is near:

Learning to walk alongside death and grief, while recognizing them as inseparable and necessary parts of life, expands our inclination toward compassion, love, and courage. It teaches us how to be with others in hard times. Cultivating our relationship to death and grief long before the end is near deepens our capacity for joy, beauty, and the sweetness of vibrant living. It begins to challenge the materialism, disconnection, and frenzied pace, of modern society, bringing us into deep belonging: with our ancestors, our communities, and the Earth.

when death approaches:

Dying is not something that happens to us, it is something that we do. Having worked with many cancer patients over the years, this is what I know to be true: dying is not a punishment; it is not a failure; it is not about exerting personal willpower. Dying is much bigger than any one person, and how we face our dying days will leave an imprint on our loved ones for the rest of their lives. Denying and delaying end of life conversations increases distress and confusion, and burdens those involved. The longer we delay end of life conversation and preparation, the harder it becomes to face it. We don’t have a choice in whether we die or not, but we may very well have a choice in how we show up for it. In facing our dying days we may have the honor of teaching our loved ones how to face big challenges with courage. We may be able to leave others with a deeply meaningful and healing experience that they hold sacred for the rest of their lives.

soulful death care

Soulful Death Care

end of life

Regardless of health status and diagnosis, I believe that healing is more than a cure, and something available to us even in our dying. It is the process of self re-membering and connection to the intrinsic wisdom of the body-mind-spirit-Earth. It is the continuous work of love, trust, acceptance, creativity, and community.

It's an honor to work with those facing terminal illness whether it be hands on holistic care or end of life planning.

Soulful Dean Care while palliative care and hospice services. I also relish the opportunity to open the door to end of life conversations with folks exploring their relationship to death and grief long before the end is near


  • Soulful Death Care - in person/online

End of life planning and education when the end is near and when it is not. We inquire into a number of domains and needs including emotional, spiritual, physical, legacy, and practical with the goal of finding ways to enrich life now

  • holistic comfort care -in person

Offerings may include sound healing, therapeutic touch, breath work, aromatherapy, and other relaxation techniques

  • Bedside vigil - in person

  • After death care of body and Soul - in person/online

  • Grief support - in person/online